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Do You Know Your Water Footprint?

Do You Know Your Water Footprint?

Do You Know Your Water Footprint?

Do you know your water footprint?

One of our main objectives at PureNano is to protect the water supply. That’s why none of our products use chemicals, detergents or other nasty toxins. We are all dependent on water, so we really should do everything we can to look after it, especially when you come across stats like this that show just how much of it we use on a daily basis.  Personally I try to do my best when it comes to water usage/wastage – I always shower rather than take a bath; I turn the tap off when I brush my teeth, and I boil only enough water for the amount of tea I want to drink…

I had not realised how I waste water during my weekly shop.  Some of these facts are mind-blowing but they demonstrate just how much water we use and take for granted.

It takes 4650 litres of water to produce a 300g steak (not being greedy, but that’s not even a large steak is it?!), and 2500 litres of water for a piece of cheese! Wow!

I have really changed my shopping patterns since.  Once a week we don’t eat meat. I make sure I buy local where and when possible.

I know its not much but maybe my little changes could make a difference… if we all make a small change every day…