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Protecting the Environment

PureNano was founded on the simple premise that we must all do our bit to protect the environment and the world’s natural resources. However, we also need to keep the world clean and often find ourselves forced to use cleaning solutions that contain detergents, chemicals and other nasty toxins that seep into the water and the eco-system around us. We all know that this is a dangerous game to play with the environment and that we should be doing everything we can to protect and preserve it.

So, when we discovered that there is a way to clean without detergents or toxins that is environmentally friendly and, critically, both cost effective and easy to use, we made it our mission to bring it to market here in the UK. It’s called PureNano and it will revolutionise the way we clean our world.

And it’s not just the natural world that is demanding a more sustainable and environmentally attitude to water conservation – it’s big business too. In 2013, 530 institutional investors representing approximately US$57 trillion in assets and a number of major purchasing organisations called for greater transparency on corporate water issues from 1,036 companies*.

The implication is clear – they want their money invested responsibly in companies that care about water. PureNano will help them do just that.

*Source: CDP Global Water Report 2013


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