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Setting a path toward a more sustainable future

Welcome to PureNano

We’re a group of entrepreneurs who care deeply about protecting the environment and have decided to get together to do something about it.  We’re on a mission to provide businesses and consumers with environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning and protective solutions that don’t contain nasty bleaches, chemicals, detergents and other harmful toxins that damage the environment and contaminate the water table.

There are very few alternatives for anyone looking for genuinely environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our supermarkets and DIY shops are filled with a huge array of bleaches, detergents, and chemicals that are used in our homes, offices and factories. All too often they are the only realistic choice and we reluctantly accept that the powerful chlorines, alcohol, ammonium compounds and other chemicals they contain can harm both the environment and our skin. Even when there is an environmentally friendlier option, they are almost always much more expensive.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is now a proven environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. PureNano is a new range of  biodegradable cleaning and protective products that are sustainable and do not pollute the environment in any way. They provide highly effective surface cleaning combined with long-lasting protection and are safe, sustainable, dermatologically kind, environmentally friendly and, critically, cost effective and simple to apply.


Water is precious. Protect it.

It takes this many litres of water to produce….


for one pot of coffee

for 500g of cheese

for a 300g beef steak

for one small loaf

Powered by CeNano

All our PureNano Powered by CeNano/Nanotol products have been developed and produced by CeNano, Germany. We work with Mike Friedrich, a leading nanotechnology pioneer, whose research into fuel cells as a new energy source for a cleaner environment inspired the development of his incredible range of CeNano Sealants. These products can reduce cleaning times by more than 50% and eliminate the need for all environmentally damaging cleaning agents. It’s also safe, sustainable, dermatologically kind, environmentally friendly, cost effective and simple to apply.

CeNano develops, produces, and markets ceramic coatings and nanotechnology sealants that make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment. For over 13 years, Mike Friedrich has been working with technical ceramics and nanotechnology to make the production of fuel cells into a new energy source. The development process yielded nanotol, a universal nano sealant that treats surfaces so that they can be cleaned ecologically. Besides nanotol many other products were developed in order to produce sealing solutions for every kind of surfaces. To  find out more

Product Savings

50% Less Water: 50%
75% Less Detergents: 75%
50% Quicker: 50%
100% Longer Cleaning Intervals: 100%